Use NirCMD To Change Default Audio Device in Windows on Startup

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For the last seven months or so, I have been having issues with my main PC resetting its default audio device to my headset when I reboot. I am told that this issue stems from something in the Windows 10 registry being updated when I installed the drivers for a USB headset several months ago. I have been unable to track down the registry entry that is causing this issue, so I decided to write a simple bash script to set my default audio device to my surround sound speakers after my PC starts up. To do this, I used a program called NirCMD to help automate this easier. Check out the useful resources below to make setting up this script easier. 

Head to this link to view the command I use in the video to set the default audio device. You can download NirCMD by clicking on this link. The full bash script I use can be found below. 

nircmd setdefaultsounddevice "Speakers"

To open the Startup folder open the windows "Run" prompt (windows key + r) and enter the command below. 


Rember to copy and paste the bash script you created into the folder that opens up. To finish up, reset your default audio device to something other than what your script sets it to, and restart your PC. I want to thank NirSoft for making NirCMD free to download, it makes creating helpful content like this much easier to make. 

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