Review: ModRight Xtreme and Main Board Anti-Static ModMats

ModRight ModMat Mainboard Review

A good Anti-Static work surface is paramount for anyone who is serious about custom PC building or Making DIY Electronics. This week we got to spend some time with ModRight's latest offering in their ModMat line of Anti-Static work surfaces. After the jump we take an in depth look at both of the colorful and informational new ModMats that have just been released.  [node:read-more:link]


Review: ISO-TIP 7710 Soldering Tool Kit

ISO-TIP Model 7710 Soldering Kit
Soldering is most definitely a skill one needs to possess to further their pursuit into the DIY electronics hobby. Have a good soldering station greatly improves one's ability to solder. Unfortunately most decent soldering stations are a pain to move from your bench to access remote projects. Over the years there have been many companies who tried to solve this problem. Some offer portable irons that are fueled by natural gas, others of approach the the issue with battery-powered irons.

Review: ModRight Super Large Anti-Static Mod-Mat Work and Assembly Surface

ModRight Super Large Anti-Static Mod-Mat

By: Charles Gantt

Electro Static Discharge (E.S.D.) is the number one leading cause of PC components “arriving” D.O.A. I am sure to get a lot of public outcry, but the simple fact is that it's the truth. How many of you have received that new motherboard, graphics card, or hard drive in the mail and immediately opened the package, and removed the device from its anti-static bag with your bare hands? By doing so you possibly have subjected that device to tens of thousands of volts of static electricity which may or may not have friend that expensive component's delicate circuitry. ModRight, a company dedicated to improving your PC modding experience has taken steps to solve the E.S.D. problem that haunts us all by manufacturing affordable anti-static mats for our bench tops. After the jump we will take a look at their largest model. [node:read-more:link]