Work Bench

Building A New Workbench / Assembly Table For The Workshop!

 It's Huge!

 Welcome back to another installment of The Workbench . In this episode I talk about the workbench / assembly table I built for the workshop a few months ago. I shot this video over the course of two weeks, and had about 25-hours of footage, and the end result was just too long. So I speed things up, and loosely emulated Jimmy Diresta's "Diresta's Cut" style of videos to keep the length down.  [node:read-more:link]

The Workbench: Episode 3 - Installing New LED Shop Lights.

Installing LED workshop lights into my new workspace!

Installing New LED Lighting In Our Workshop!

Work on our new workshop is well on its way to completion, and I have been documenting the whole process for my YouTube channel. Back in October of 2015 I moved into a new (to me) home, and somehow managed to convince my significant other to let me turn the entire two-car garage into a workshop. While this was amazing news, I quickly realized that this endeavor was going to cost me more than I thought. In the first video from the new workshop, Charles installs new energy efficient LED shop lights that were given to us from a company called American Green Lights... Find the full video and more information after the jump!  [node:read-more:link]

RGB LED Under-Shelf Bench Lighting

Our work bench has been lacking adequate lighting for some time now. Recently I ordered a 3 Meter RGB LED strip-lighting kit off of ebay to play around with. After a few weeks of staring at the pretty flashing colors, I snapped out of the trance and decided that the kit would make the perfect low profile under shelf lighting that I have been needing. So After some measuring, cutting, soldering and hot gluing, the end result is a thing of beauty. The LEDs are so bright that I am able to work at the bench with the room lighting turned off, and as a bonus, I am able to host raves in my office. [node:read-more:link]