Review: Silverstone EC01-P+ & CP09 Internal USB 3.0 Accessories

Silverstone EC01-P+ and CP09 reviewUSB 3.0 has been out for some time now and it seems that motherboard and chassis manufacturers have finally gotten on the same page and standardized an internal USB 3.0 header. Unfortunately for a lot of enthusiast out there, this came a little too late and they had already purchased a high end PC case that came with front USB 3.0 ports that had to be routed out the back of the case and plugged into the motherboards female USB 3.0 jacks. Silverstone recognized this as a major problem and has developed two nice pieces of hardware that frees up our rear USB 3.0 jacks and moves the front port cables back inside where they belong.


Silverstone sends us some USB 3.0 case accessories that make us smile!

Silverstone USB 3.0 Expansion Card ECO1-P

We are excited to announce our relationship with Silverstone Technology, one of the leading manufacturers of DIY performance PC Accessories. We just received our first review items from them and can not wait to bring you the full review later this week. Check out some quick info on the CP09 USB 3.0 External to Internal Adapter and the EC01-P PCI 1x internal USB 3.0 expansion card. We are actually going to be using these in our main office PC so stay tuned for some images and maybe a video later in the week.  [node:read-more:link]