LED Lit Yoda Pumpkin!

Master Yoda Pumpkin

LED Lit Yoda Pumpkin!


We held our second anual Pumpkin Carving Contest over on TheBestCaseScenario this week. I had planned on entering a Darth Vader Bust with the Death Star in the Background (all on one pumpkin) but ruined it on Vader's mask. After 2 hours invested in it, I did not feel like starting over. My plans this year were to do all of the major players in the original Star Wars trilogy. With the vader pumpkin failing I decided to wait until next year for the set. I had carved Yoda before I started on the Vader pumpkin and with the deadline being today, I had no choice but to enter it into the contest. More after the jump...

I give you Yoda!

LED Lit Yoda Pumpkin! Star Wars Pumpkins, Pumpkin Carving

So if you are wondering how I gave him the green glow keep reading.


Yoda Pumpkin

With a little lighting to prove its on a pumpkin.


LED Lit Yoda Pumpkin

So I utilized the LED rainbow kit I received a few months back from PCboard.ca It is a LED driver board that is based off of a PIC microconroller and pre loaded with plenty of lighting effects. The LED strips are also from PCBoard.ca and each contain 2 RGB 1watt LEDS for a total of 6 Watts on the whole string.

LED Lit Yoda Pumpkin

 Here you can see how I have them in the pumpkin. Bent paper clips secure the LED Strips to the pumpkin.

LED Lit Yoda Pumpkin
And finally a shot from the top with the LEDS lit up.

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