Digilent Pmods invade our workbench and and bring their Cerebot overloards along for the ride!


Digilent Cerebot 32MX7


Back in May we were the first to formally introduce you to Digilent's chipKIT line of Arduino compatible PIC32 based development boards. Digilent liked our coverage so much that they sent an army of their Pmods led by their Cerebot masters to take over our workbench. We have a ton of stuff to cover from Digilent in the coming weeks and if they manufacture something you would like to see covered here on TheMakersWorkbench just let us know in the comments and we will do our best to give it a full write up... Keep reading after the jump.

In the into I mentioned that digilent sent us a pile of Pmods and I was not lying. We received sixteen total plus a voltage regulator module. Digilent sent us a Cerebot 32MX4 and a Cerebot 32MX7 so we could take full advantage of the Pmods as well. So over the course of the next several weeks we will be demonstraiting each of the Pmods and a full write up on both of the PIC32 based CEREBOT boards. I also plan on using a few of the Pmods on out chipKIT based electronics to control our RepRap 3d Printer.


Click on the tiles below to visit each products page on Digitlent.com. If there is something specific you would like to know about any of the products listed below leave a comment and we will try our best to cover it when we do our write up on that specific product.

Digilent Cerebot 32MX4

Digilent CEREBOT 32MX4

Digilent Cerebot 32MX7

Digilent CEREBOT 33MX7

Digilent Voltage Regulator Module

Digilent 3.3 / 5v Voltage Regulator Module

Digilent Pmod ACL

Digilent Pmod 3-axis Accelerometer

Digilent Pmod BB

Digilent Pmod Wire wrap / bread board

Digilent Pmod BTN

Digilent Pmod Push buttons

Digilent Pmod CLP

Digilent Pmod Parallel LCD

Digilent Pmod CLS

Digilent Pmod Serial LCD

Digilent Pmod HB3

Digilent Pmod H-bridge w/ feedback inputs

Digilent Pmod JSTK

Digilent Pmod Two axis joystick

Digilent Pmod NIC

Digilent Pmod NIC 10 Mb/s

Digilent Pmod OD1

Digilent Pmod Open Drain output

Digilent Pmod REG1

Digilent Pmod Voltage regulator

Digilent Pmod SD

Digilent Pmod SD card slot

Digilent Pmod Switch

Digilent Pmod Slide switches

Digilent Pmod USBUART

Digilent Pmod FTDI FT232RQ based USB to  UART Interface

Digilent Pmod WiFi

Digilent Pmod 802.11b/g/n WiFi Interface


Digilent Pmod 8LD

Digilent Pmod 8 Logic Level High Bright Green LEDs



We are going to start things off by covering the CEREBOT 32MX4. So check back this time next week for the full write up and some code examples along with our trademark wall of photos.





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