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PR: PAPAGO! Leading the Way: CES 2016


PR: PAPAGO! Leading the Way: CES 2016

Las Vegas Nevada - PAPAGO! is pleased to announce that we will be showcasing our newest and most popular dash cams at CES 2016. Dash cams are rising in popularity, especially in North America, which has been quite slow in catching on to the trend. Our dash cams not only offer complete coverage of your drive in stunning 1080HD video they also help safeguard from distracted driving by offering such features like Stop and Go, Light Reminder, and Stop Sign Recognition. PAPAGO! initially started out as a software company so they have many years ahead of the competition when it comes to the development of the driver assistance features. [node:read-more:link]

Get Started Designing Your Own Raspberry Pi Zero Hat's Today With These Eagle Footprint Files

Design Your Own Hat's For The New Raspberry Pi Zero

The internet has been abuzz about the new $5 Raspberry Pi Zero since it was announced last week, and if you are anything like I am, you have already started planning projects around this new incredibally cheap development board. It appears that I am not the only one either, as a company called Altitude Technology has taken the liberty of drawing up a set of SMD and Through Hole footprints in Eagle CAD for the new Zero. These footprints are blank except for the GPIO Pin placements and the mounting holes.  [node:read-more:link]

New Raspberry Pi Hits The Market For Just $5!

Introducing the new $5 Raspberry Pi Zero

Early Thanksgiving morning, the Raspberry Pi foundation announced the launch of the worlds cheapest single-board computer, the new Raspberry Pi Zero. Retailing at an MSRP of just $5USD the new Raspberry Pi Zero is poised to become the most popular ARM-Linux development board ever! [node:read-more:link]

The Workbench: Episode #002 Better Alligator Clip Lead Storage

The Workbench Episode #002

Have you ever gotten fustrated with how tangled your alligator clip leads get when tossed in a drawer or on top of your workbench? I can honestly say that this is one of my biggest fustrations on my workbench, and I recently set out to solve this issue once and for all. Follow along in Episode 2 of The Workbench as I design a custom organizer to help store my alligator clios in Sketchup, and then 3D print it out on my Lulzbot AO-100 3D printer. [node:read-more:link]

Introducing the Makers Worbench VLOG! Episode #001 - Upcoming Projects, Reviews, and X-Carve

TheMakersWorkbench VLOGTMWB VLOG #001

We have been kicking around the idea of a Podcast for a couple of years now, and it has just never came to fruition due to lack of time, resources, and a few more makers to help host the show. Fortunately, I has decided to begin shooting a semi-daily VLOG (Video Log) of his daily activities, and to use as a platform to engauge our readers, subscribers, and anyone else who follows our content. This VLOG is more of a vehicle to help me become more comfortable infront of a camera, and to help better inform our followers as to what is happening here at TheMakersWorkbench.com. So head over to our YouTube Channel, like the VLOG video, and don't forget to click the subscribe button too!  [node:read-more:link]