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Stripboard design software

Forrest Higgs has created an open source stripboard design program licensed under a modified version of the BSD license. This program could prove to be very useful to ...Read more after the jump... [node:read-more:link]

Fire consumes TheMakersWorkbench Lab.


On the afternoon of July 16 2012 my home was struck by lightening which led to my work room catching fire.The fire consumed the room along with an adjacent bedroom. I lost my RepRap, all of my development boards and supporting hardware. Also lost was a laptop, file server, and many tools. At this point I have no idea when I will be able to post new content. This is a devestating blow to both myself and TheMakersWorkbench. We are in the process of a complete website redesign on a new server with an all new look. I had big plans and a series of tutorials planned around Digilent's Cerebot cK line as well as the Raspberry Pi and some pretty cool Arduino tutorials. I also lost all of my custom PC gear and have no idea how long it will take me to build that back up. I plan on keeping the Workbench alive and will as time and finances alow, create new content. My prized soldering setup is a total loss as is everything else in the room. I lost my Airbrushing gear, all of my photography gear, and brand new HD webcam which was purchased with the intent of creating some nice video tutorials and reviews. 
This is what is left of my workbench. 
For those of you who do not follow us on facebook, this is what it use to look like. 
I only have a single arduino compatible board left and it is actually a seeeduino with a Atmega 168 on it. If any manufactures or retailers would like to donate any hardware, components or tools I would greatly appreciate it and can offer free advertising in exchange. If you would like to get intouch with me please send an email to [email protected] Thanks again for your years of support and loyal devotion. You guys are the reason I continue to keep this site up. 

Diavolino is one badass Arduino clone! Cheap too!

Evil Mad Science Diavolino

Evil Mad Science's Diavolino


The Diavolino is a simple Arduino Duemilanove clone developed by Evil Mad Science Labs. Normally we wouldn't cover a basic non USB Arduino clone, but the the Diavolino is just too damn sexy to ignore. The "Little Devil" sports one hell of a solder mask job, featuring a black pcb with red flames consuming the board. This has to be the best looking PCB we have seen to date! To top things off, EMSL is offering the DIY Diavolino kit for under $12 and blank PCBs under $5. This is the perfect board to get your kids started in the maker scene, and offers a perfect opportunity to teach them how to solder! We are going to order a few to add to our collection. Keep reading after the break for the official specs on the Diavolino!


Ever thought of hacking your breadboard? Protostack has!

Protostack.com tutorial on Breadboard Hacks

Breadboard hacks from Protostack.com


As memebers of the new DIY generation we love hacking things. There is just something rewarding about taking a cheap product and making it work just as good or better than its expensive counterpart. Most of the time these hacks involve the projects we are building, but sometimes they involve the tools we use. Protostack has just released a list of several hacks that will make using your breadboard much more user friendly... More after the jump. [node:read-more:link]

Digilent Releases long awaited chipKIT Networking Shield and General I/O shield.


Microchip / Digilent chipKIT Networking Shield

A few months ago we covered Microchip and Digilent's first entry into the Arduino community: The chipKIT line of Arduino compatible PIC32 MCU boards. News spread fast and it seems like anyone who is serious about Arduino dev has picked up at least one of the chipKIT boards. Shortly after the launch of the UNO32 and Max32 board, Digilent announced the existance of 2 shields slated for release in June: The chipKIT Networking shield and chipKIT General I/O shield. June quickly passed and July came and went  with no word on the release date for either shield. Well today Microchip and Digilent have officially released both the Networking shield and the General I/O shield. We received our evaluation samples about 3 weeks ago and are planning full writeups on both shields in the next few days. In the mean time we have some exciting photos as well as the full press release after the jump