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We would like to welcome Protostack as one of our site sponsors!

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Not long ago we blogged about Protostack releasing Version 1.4 of their Atmega 8 dev board. Well today I would like to announce protostack as one of our new site sponsors. Protostack offers a nice selection of electronic gear including innovative stackable prototyping boards. They have sent us a nice care package for us to play with including an Atmega 8 dev board kit complete with a USBASP programmer. We will have full write ups and tutorials on the kits as well as a special article on their stackable protoboards in the comming weeks. We are also working on creating a tutorial series on using the USBASP programmer to program your Atmega Micro Controllers.  So head over to Protostack's website and check out what they have to offer and when you are done check out the other cool features they offer on the site such as: Tutorials, Discussion forum, and even a place to showcase your project's photos. We have some photos of the gear they sent us after the jump... Read more about We would like to welcome Protostack as one of our site sponsors!


Now Sort DigiKey Items by Price!

Digi-Key sort by price.Digi-Key Sort By Price


Every budget conscious maker out there who uses Digi-Key has wished for a sort by price option. No one really knows why Digi-Key does not include this option, although some speculate that it involves deals between component manufacturers and Digi-Key. That has changed for Firefox and Chrome users thanks to the work of a maker named Alex Leone. He has created a Greasemonkey script that downloads the Digi-Key results and sorts them by price... more after the jump Read more about Now Sort DigiKey Items by Price!